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Rely on Certified Master Inspector John Stanley for your home inspection needs!

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 As a buyer, you are entitled to know exactly what you are getting. Don’t take anything for granted, not even what you see or what the seller or listing agent tell you. A professional home inspection is a "MUST" do, whether you are buying an existing home or a new one. An inspection is an opportunity to have a Qualified professional  look closely at the property you are considering purchasing and getting both an oral and written opinion as to its condition.
I am a home inspector because I find it difficult to see someone taking advantage of others. I have been inspecting homes since 2012  with 30 years  of construction and building maintenance experience behind me.  I have honed my skill set, and chase the vision of staying New Mexico's premium Home inspection company. 


We Notice the Little Things

 I am as an agent for you - the person on behalf of whom the inspection is being performed. The "type" of relationship that I have with you is known as a "principle-agent" relationship. You are the principle - the one who is in charge, from a legal standpoint, the person who has the legal authority to have the inspection conducted according to contract - I am  acting on behalf of the principle as an "agent".
We perform an inspection as you would, if you had our knowledge, expertise, experience, and so forth. 



 Entropy Concepts is an InterNACHI® Training Partner. InterNACHI® School ( is the only accredited home inspector college that provides free memberships to our students.  



 Entropy Concepts is an InterNACHI® Training Partner. InterNACHI® School ( is the only accredited home inspector college that provides free memberships to our students.  


New Mexico Pride Chapter of InterNachi Home Inspectors

 Chapter President John Stanley, CMI, CPC 

 We are the New Mexico Pride Chapter of InterNachi
We know only Valor
Our reports know only truth
Our reports uphold the client
Our courage will take us to places others will not go
Our determination will undo the deceptive 

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

  ENTROPY CONCEPTS A Green Company conducting all paper transactions on line, focused on high-quality Inspection services and your satisfaction - I am here to serve; trained. Experienced. CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR. Termite and dry rot certified; class 7d pest consultant NMDA # 62927.   I Practice a serious approach to continuing education. Our inspections , a thorough, visual inspection, mechanical check , photo documentation, A written report, Providing a snapshot in time of the conditions of the property observed at time of inspection, Delivered through email in a signature program. In 48 hrs or less with your receipt. You can count on ENTROPY CONCEPTS

Our reputation, It sets us apart from our competition. We are thorough and our clients appreciate it! We are in this business to honestly and thoroughly inspect every property to enable our clients to make educated decisions about buying or selling their home. What we put in our reports is the actual true condition of the property in detail with lots of photos. Many of our competitors in the Albuquerque metro use checklist reports with vague canned verbiage and you’re left wondering what they actually found. Our home inspections take 2-3 hours on-site, not including another 2 – 3 hours of writing the report. Larger homes take much more time. When we are done inspecting your property, you’ll know exactly what you are buying or selling.  

E and O insured

Free referral insurance for agents***
class 7d pest consultant NMDA # 62927
We encourage you to be at the inspection. Ask questions and express any concerns you may have.

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Our Services

FULL HOME INSPECTION 321.00 plus tax

 What really matters in a home inspection? Buying a home? The process can be stressful.  A home inspection is supposed to give you peace of mind, but often has the opposite effect.  You will be asked to absorb a lot of information in a short time.  This  includes a written report, photographs, and what I note in the report.  All this, combined with the seller's disclosure and what you notice yourself, makes the experience even more overwhelming.  What should you do? Relax.  Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancy for various systems and components, and minor imperfections. These are useful to know about.  However, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories:    

  major defects. 

 An example of this would be a structural failure;     things that lead to major defects, such as a small roof-flashing leak, for example.  

   things that may hinder your ability to finance or legally occupy, or insure the home; such as termite and dry rot infestations.

  safety hazards 

such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electrical panel.   Anything in these categories should be addressed.

   Most sellers are honest and are often surprised to learn of defects uncovered during an inspection.  Realize that sellers are under no obligation to repair everything mentioned in the report.  No home is perfect.  Keep things in perspective.  Do not kill your deal over things that do not matter.  It is inappropriate to demand that a seller address deferred maintenance, conditions already listed on the seller's disclosure, or nit-picky items.


WDO Inspection 65.00 plus tax

I am  a  class 7d pest consultant NMDA # 62927 

Licensed professional. I perform pest inspections of building structures to determine damage or possibility of damage from insects, bugs, termites, or dry rot conditions. Many people never give a second thought to pest inspections unless they are buying selling, or refinancing.  

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Professional pest inspector and Certified Master Inspector John Stanley can distinguish between mounds of dirt generated by earthworms in the soil and scraps from chewing wood swarms of termites leave behind. The piles look alike to untrained eyes and serve as an example of the kind of expertise needed when assessing whether or not a home has a pest infestation.

Common pests inspectors target include wood-boring invaders such as termites or powder post beetles and insects such as carpenter bees or carpenter ants.

I inspect the exteriors of homes, including foundations and around windows and roof lines, including rafters. If I find a soft spot, they will probe as a normal part of an inspection, that simply serves as evidence.


Drain Inspection 110.00 plus tax

 This is an inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line. The video camera records the state of the sewer, revealing any cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, clogs and other problems inside the sewer.


Foundation Certifacations starting at 495.00


Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications
Foundation Certifications
The requirements for government guaranteed loans on manufactured housing changed to include a permanent foundation. It is required that foundations be certified by a licensed professional engineer to be in compliance with HUD-7584 (Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing). This applies to FHA and VA loans.

As a result, many private lenders offering conventional loans have added this as a requirement for their loans. We have partnered with the engineers at Foundation Certifications to provide these certificates. The process takes approximately 3-5 days.


Commercial inspections call for price

Multi family dwellings, office, and retail

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